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    “Spes non confundit. Hope does not disappoint” Pope Francis solemnly proclaims the upcoming Jubilee Year 2025 https://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/bulls/documents/20240509_spes-non-confundit_bolla-giubileo2025.html _blank
    Spiritual and Mental Health Ministry in the Diocese of Honolulu “This handbook is the fruit of reflection of your sisters and brothers who have suffered through their own burdens and crises, and who now want to share their experiences with you so that you can be liberated from debilitating burdens,” Bishop Silva said. “We, as members of the Body of Christ, have been entrusted with the healing power of Christ himself, and we can exercise this ministry in helping each other.” https://irp.cdn-website.com/70cf9403/files/uploaded/Spiritual%20-%20Mental%20Health%20Ministry%20Handbook%20for%20Reflection%20and%20Prayer.pdf _blank
    Bishop Larry’s Letter to St John the Baptist Parish https://files.ecatholic.com/34167/documents/2024/7/Bishops%20Thank%20you%20Letter%20to%20Parishes%207-8-24.pdf?t=1720607237000 _blank